Earth Sciences

The hurricanes to come

By Adam Hadhazy

January 2, 2019

Climate change threatens to breed more extreme hurricanes. Adam Hadhazy describes how the innovations of unmanned aircraft, alongside conventionally crewed Hurricane Hunters, plus small satellites and next-generation big sats, could help forecasters get a better bead on what’s to come.

Quake casting

By Adam Hadhazy

April 30, 2018

Unlike hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, earthquakes have 
resisted all efforts at forecasting. Is it folly or the future to think we 
can solve that problem? Adam Hadhazy explores how satellite instruments may be bringing earthquake forecasting closer to reality.

Storm warning

By Debra Werner

January 2, 2018

NOAA's newest weather satellites could extend forecasts to 7 days for hurricanes that threaten U.S.

Decision time for Trump

May 17, 2017

2 leading aerospace journalists analyze the most important decisions facing President Donald Trump's administration

Building GOES-R

February 9, 2017

Getting NOAA's newest satellite into orbit was an odyssey all its own

Carbon Watchers

By Tom Risen

January 27, 2017

Mapping the global distribution of carbon dioxide from orbit