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5 necessities for thriving in space

By Debra Werner and Cat Hofacker

November 2020

Expanding civilization off Earth will require incredible breakthroughs. Resources must be mined on site and turned into fuel, drinking water and other supplies for settlers, who can’t carry adequate food and health care infrastructure with them. The transportation challenges will be enormous. Also, linking future settlers to each other and Earth will require high-throughput communications that today do not exist in deep space.
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Weather alert

November 2020

If consumers are going to receive packages by air to their doorsteps or hop onto aircraft to zip across town, engineers must figure out how to make these coming aircraft more resilient to bad weather than today’s early versions. Dennis Bushnell of NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia explains.
Engineering Notebook

Modeling structural strength

By Keith Button

November 2020

Production engineers are researching an improved version of the robotic layup technique that forms wings and other critical parts of airliners. At the moment, they won’t have a way to assess the strength and flexibility of parts made with this new technique without lots of physical testing. Keith Button tells us about a possible solution.
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