Servicing revolution

By Henry Canaday

June 2018

Thirty-five thousand kilometers is a long way up, and that’s the home of nearly 400 satellites that do anything from sending and receiving telephone, internet and television signals to spotting missile launches. Today, those satellites can’t be repaired, upgraded, refueled or rescued if their propulsion fails.
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Drone tech opens door to Mars Helicopter

By Tom Risen

June 2018

NASA’s announcement that it will add a tiny helicopter to its planned Mars 2020 rover came after a series of test flights inside a vacuum chamber proved the feasibility of adapting consumer drone technologies into a craft capable of flying in an atmosphere just 1 percent as dense as Earth’s.
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Making a space trillionaire

By Tom Risen

May 11, 2018

Space exploration could promise fortunes for companies, but Mars enthusiasts caution patience