quake casting

Quake casting

By Adam Hadhazy

May 2018

Unlike hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, earthquakes have 
resisted all efforts at forecasting. Is it folly or the future to think we 
can solve that problem? Adam Hadhazy explores how satellite instruments may be bringing earthquake forecasting closer to reality.
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Containing a blade-out

By Keith Button

July/August 2018

NASA has long been working with the FAA and the aviation industry to improve technologies for containing broken fan blades and preventing damage like that which killed a Southwest Airlines passenger. Keith Button looks at a research project that could help prevent future tragedies.

All aboard the blockchain train

July/August 2018

A digital transformation is underway in the aerospace industry toward blockchain information technology, a secure method of storing and sharing high volumes of data. Companies that want to compete effectively in a transformed industry should embrace the technology quickly but in a systematic way. Blockchain researcher and contractor Sam Adhikari explains.
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