Abstract digital art featuring a complex circuitry pattern in a vibrant, colorful, and geometric composition with orange, blue, and green hues. Fragmented shapes and lines are dispersed throughout the image.

4 reasons to root for quantum computing

By Jon Kelvey

July/August 2024

How close are researchers to building quantum computers that are practical outside the lab and can reliably perform their promised calculation miracles? Jon Kelvey looks at the state of the technology and potential applications that have engineers and scientists excited.


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A man wearing glasses, a dark suit, a white shirt, and a red tie smiles in front of a blue geometric background.
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NASA’s AI czar

By Cat Hofacker

July/August 2024

David Salvagnini, NASA’s chief AI officer
Illustration of a futuristic aircraft engine with visible inner components and a glowing blue emblem, mounted on a plane's wing, set against a red and blue gradient background.
Engineering Notebook

Targeting net-zero 2050 with a better engine core

By Keith Button

July/August 2024

To reach carbon emission targets for air transportation, the core machinery of jet engines will need to burn less fuel. NASA and GE Aerospace are combining their resources toward a planned demonstration of technology to do it. Keith Button spoke to those leading the effort.


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