Lunar far side comes into focus

April 2019

How China’s January landing on the far side of the moon is helping open this neglected other half to science and human utilization.


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Engineering Notebook

3D-printed rocket fuel

By Keith Button

April 2019

Solid-fuel rockets contain cylinders of fuel that, depending on the manufacturing method, can take weeks to cure. Plus, it’s complicated to design the fuel so that the propulsive force varies in a predictable way as it burns. Keith Button spoke to researchers who think they have a better way to make solid fuel.

There is no space race

By John M. Logsdon

April 2019

The term has been a handy label since the Apollo era, but a space race is not what’s playing out today between the United States and China. Space analyst John Logsdon offers a more nuanced view of the dynamic and what it might mean in the years ahead.


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Human Spaceflight

Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary calendar

By Debra Werner

March 6, 2019

Get a head start on participating in the activities being planned by cities, agencies and museums across the U.S. and in other countries.

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