Space safety

Active debris removal rule No. 1 must be “do no harm”

April 1, 2022

Space junk poses an existential threat to ambitious proposals to surround Earth with habitats, factories and vast constellations of satellites. What if the most dangerous debris could be grabbed and hauled out of orbit? Kerry Buckley of the MITRE Corp. offers safety advice for those who want to prove it can be done.

Hope for solving space debris

By Jonathan O'Callaghan

April 1, 2022

After decades of spaceflight, Earth orbit resembles the Wild West mixed with a demolition derby. Traditions rather than laws govern behaviors, and every now and then a frightening crash litters the track. Our modern lives, the safety of astronauts, space adventurers and the security of the free world depend heavily on this poorly managed domain. Can a brighter future be forged? Jonathan O’Callaghan found reasons for hope.

Act now, before we’re trapped on Earth

January 1, 2022

Human society is on the cusp of expanding into space and improving lives on Earth through a host of space-derived innovations. Threatening this revolution is the limited ability of corporations and governments around the world to manage their space traffic and avoid collisions. Kerry Buckley of the MITRE Corporation analyzes the problem and offers solutions.

Preventing a bad day for SLS

By Keith Button

November 1, 2021

High up the stack of NASA’s first Space Launch System rocket is a component that will play a critical role in proving the rocket’s safety during the upcoming Artemis I mission. This is its story as told by Keith Button.