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May 2017


Tips from the FAA’s drone pioneer

Toward “a beautiful web of airplanes”

FAA pushes tech breakthroughs, safety in drone planning

Job No. 1: Detect and avoid

Strategizing about Mars

War on wiring


Letters to the Editor

Countering microgravity


Cassini’s lessons for 
Europa Clipper

By Tom Risen

Editor's Notebook

In defense of “drones”

By Ben Iannotta


Wanted: “Aircraft carrier 
in the sky”

By Keith Button

Engineering Notebook

Focused on the small things

By Keith Button

Astronaut's View

Backing the station

By Tom Jones

Case Study

Toward a CisLunar Marketplace


Sense and avoid for satellites


Space camp sold her on aerospace engineering

By Debra Werner

From the Corner Office

A Community Effort To Address Aerospace Workforce Development

By Sandy Magnus


May 2017 AIAA Bulletin