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November 2016


Getting its space mojo back

The Handoff

New Eyes for Airline Pilots



Paul Voss, an educator who may have influenced the FAA’s drone rule

By Ben Iannotta


Setting the pace to Mars

By John Elbon

Astronaut's View

Building Orion

By Tom Jones

Case Study

Improving the ground game

By Robert Basta

Q & A

Seizing an ‘incredible opportunity’

By Ben Iannotta

Forum Highlights

A Gettysburg Address for new space

By Ben Iannotta


New fellowship will honor youthful trailblazer

By Debra Werner


Triton: Flying high, flying low

By Ben Iannotta

From the Corner Office

AIAA to Host IAC 2019 in Washington, DC

By Sandy Magnus

Editor's Notebook

Glimpsing the future of flight

By Ben Iannotta


November 2016 AIAA Bulletin