Looking to the future and the past

While I’m very excited about [Elon] Musk and [Jeff] Bezos and their commercial plans to return to the moon and go to Mars, I feel the need to remind the newer generation of the past glory days of NASA and pioneering space in the early years.

Now at my advanced age of 81, it seems like only yesterday when 
I was 21 and part of the pioneering of space. Where did those years go?

So many of my colleagues are no longer here. Every week another of my friends shows up in the obituary column. I feel that soon I’ll be the last one standing.

It’s hard not to reflect on the past. Someone once said that you are left with memories and regrets. I’ve got wonderful memories.

And a few regrets, of course.

And now more time to think about them.

But [I’m] still looking forward to the future and being around to experience the wonder of it all.

William Ketchum
San Diego
AIAA associate

Looking to the future and the past