Cosmological redshift in 250 words

UPDATE: The deadline has been extended to 5 p.m. Eastern Oct. 19.

Q. Which phrase would you choose to complete the sentence and why? The Doppler effect fully explains/partially explains/does not at all explain why visible light emitted by the oldest galaxies in the universe will be detected in the infrared by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Draft a response of no more than 250 words and email it by 5 p.m. Eastern Oct. 19 to for a chance to have it published in the
November issue.


NO WINNER: We asked you to suggest a happy ending to a thriller about some terrorists with a bomb and a U.S. president who faces a choice of two kinds of hypersonic weapons to end the threat. We were looking for a response that would probe the trade-offs between air breathing and boost-glide weapons, and suggest a plausible ending. We didn’t receive an answer that met that requirement, so unfortunately our notional novel will have to go unfinished.

Cosmological redshift in 250 words