Supersonic Aircraft

Dueling strategies

By Keith Button and Cat Hofacker

February 28, 2020

The companies leading the resurgent interest in supersonic travel have unique visions for how to normalize flight at speeds over Mach 1. Keith Button and Cat Hofacker tell the story.

Supersonic thump

By Jan Tegler

November 1, 2019

NASA’s Low Boom Flight Demonstration Program could help pave the way for supersonic air travel, provided U.S. populations and ultimately those abroad agree that the X-59’s thump instead of a boom is quiet enough.

Supersonic’s not-so-super emissions

By Adam Hadhazy

October 1, 2019

Those who want to revive supersonic passenger flight will need to do more than build Mach 1 aircraft. They’ll need to convince a climate-change-rattled world that their comfort won’t make the greenhouse gas problem a whole lot worse. The industry has some creative ideas for addressing the problem.