Urban air mobility

eVTOL: making the electric dream a safe one

By Paul Marks

August 24, 2021

Hundreds of startups are betting that electric aviation will finally provide safe, affordable urban air mobility services. But certifying the airworthiness of their myriad vertical takeoff architectures faces some stiff challenges.

Building vertiport cities

By Cat Hofacker and Alyssa Tomlinson

July 1, 2021

Metropolitan areas including Miami and Orlando have emerged as potential early adopters of urban air mobility flights aboard electric aircraft. But this new mode of travel won’t take off unless UAM companies make the right business decisions about where to locate their vertiports and win permission from local authorities to build these landing pads. Cat Hofacker and Alyssa Tomlinson explore the distinct approaches unfolding in Florida.

The human question

By Sarah Wells

May 1, 2021

Startups are testing the coming breed of urban air mobility aircraft in their back lots and hangars. The harder part could be convincing potential passengers that these aircraft, with their whirling rotors, electric power and control algorithms, can safely deliver them to the airport or home from work. Sarah Wells tells the story.

Noise alert!

By Jan Tegler

March 30, 2020

Dozens of companies are designing and in some cases test-flying urban air mobility aircraft, also known as air taxis. No one can say for sure how U.S. residents will react to such aircraft whooshing overhead or easing onto the vertiports that might one day sprout up on the fringes of their neighborhoods. Jan Tegler tells us about a NASA-led campaign to find answers.

All aboard

By Keith Button

May 1, 2019

It’s a dream shared by everyone who’s ever been stuck in a traffic jam, from the bored child in the back seat to the late-to-work-again commuter: If only I could fly. That day could be coming. Keith Button spoke to experts in the urban air mobility field about how this might work.